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D2T Powertrain Engineering, aspiring to new heights

With more than 20 years of experience, D2T, which has partnered both carmakers and equipment suppliers, is specialized in powertrain engineering, development and tuning of engines.

Our values are our strengths


  • A unique partnership with FEV GmbH, which unites research and industry.
  • Complementary skills enabling advanced knowledge to be share.


  • An experience working alongside the biggest manufacturers.
  • Immediate availability in all areas of expertise.
  • Mobile teams well-acquainted with our customers' methodologies.


  • Always ready to listen to our customers ideas toward helping us to improve the development of our advanced solutions.
  • A worldwide network in tune with local specifications and circumstances.

Integrating the D2T Powertrain Engineering Services

The D2T Powertrain Engineering system means:

  • The continuity between research and industry: This is traced each day between FEV GmbH , a developer service provider for drive and vehicle, and D2T Powertrain Engineering.
  • A guarantee of a rich partnership and flexibility. Within our development centers, our teams are already hard at work using techniques similar to your own, and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. These resources are available if you wish to trust your future projects to D2T. If further expansion of your facility becomes necessary, our experts can provide assistance at your development and testing centers to share our expertise with your teams.
  • The tools that will drive your teams to excel. Designed and validated in our test beds, they meet the market's newest requirements: transient tests, simulation, calibration, development of hybrid powertrain and methodologies.