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  • ICE² 2016 newsletter
    FEV provides tools that can significantly reduce the efforts thoughout all processes, online and offline the test cell. MORPHEE Automation system ensures  safe and successful collection of the dataset, while integrating now powerful online algorithm able to guaranty a successful and shorten calibration workflow. In this newsletter, we present the strenghts of ICE² 2016 release including features for Real Driving Emissions new challenges.
  • D2T on-the-road driver's aid
    Perform certification test cycles on the real road
  • D2T/FEV: The best of two worlds
    6 months after the take-over of D2T by FEV, integration is going quick and on a good way. Teams are working in synergy on the product range and build a common road map. Same statement on the projects. Test systems by FEV and D2T: Laurent Dubosc and Albert Haas talk about the goals of the D2T acquisition and its implications for the best systems business...
  • xMOD™ 2015
    xMOD™ is released. This new version pursues the strategy of covering the entire V cycle for our customer's product development while continuing to make it even quicker and easier to use. Ask for an xMOD demo at Testing Expo in Shanghai -China, Modelica in Versailles-France, Aachen congress in Germany...
  • Calibration newsletter 2015
    D2T provides solutions that can significantly reduce the efforts throughout all processes, online and offline the test cell.
  • March 2015
    D2T is pleased to announce to their customers and partners that it is now part of FEV group, following the signing of the closing agreement by FEV and IFP Investissements, its previous owner, on March 24, 2015.
  • June 2014
    Creation of D2T Japan, Calibration offer (MORPHEE AuSy and MBC tool ICE², technical assistance activity on customers sites, Exhibition (SIA Diesel, JSAE, Testing Stuttgart).
  • xMOD™ 2014
    xMOD™ extended its capabilities in HIL, co-simulation features extended as well, Embedded days event ...
  • January 2014
    Drivebox- high dynamic model-based controller, Validation of a hybrid powertrains with D2T tools, OSIRIS sales record, next events...
  • Best wishes for a successful 2014
    Our best wishes for 2014! Discover the animated card...
  • IFP Group Powertrain Technology newsletter of December 2013
    Research and innovation in the field of transport (PREDIT 4, Rendez-vous Carnot2013, CAPME'UP project), NORA - innovative approach to control NOx emissions produced by combustion, Diesel & gasoline fuel injector characterization, ...
  • December 2013
    ICE² 2013b: Integrated Calibration Environement for Internal Combustion Engines, Battery test: only 1 test bed can test up to 16 cells in parallel different cycling tests, xMOD 2013b: xMOD now integrates HiL capabilities and extends co-simulation features, SIA Spark Ignition conference & exhibition in Strasbourg of December 4-5, 2013
  • ICE² 2013b
    ICE² "Integrated Calibration Environment for Internal Combustion Engines" is release and offers still more features, Publication at DoE Berlin 2013 of Edouardo Ferrero Lesur (IFPEN) 
  • xMOD™ 2013b
    xMOD™ now integrates HiL capabilities and extends co-simulation features, GTI and D2T technical partnership announcement
  • September 2013
    Test Monitoring System, D2T new engineering, D2T acquisition  modules, Automotive Testing China in Shanghai and conference "Testing facilities of the future: play long term
  • IFP Group Powertrain Technologies newsletter de Juillet 2013       Gasoline direct injection powertrains - Melodys 2, the hybrid version of the MELODYS project, IFPEN's solution for SCR systems optimization, IFPEN plug-in hybrid lab car, ...
  • May 2013
    D2T acquisition modules, D2T & BMW AG ASAM case study, MORPHEE, Test Manager & OSIRIS 2013 release ..
  • March 2013
    IFP Group Powertrain Technologies, Simulation Platform xMOD™ 2013a release, Yield Metrics..
  • xMOD™ 2013a
    xMOD™ 2013a release:  new co-simulation features, 10 good reasons to get xMOD™...
  • November 2012
    TMS (Test Monitoring System) web application, battery test bed solution...
  • October 2012
    ICE²: a new tool for the calibration process, OSIRIS 2012b, complete solutions for your heavy Duty testing...
  • September 2012
    A new innovating software platform for models integration: xMOD™, D2T services, D2T battery solution...
  • 4WD Hybrid & Climatic Emissions Chassis dynamometer
    A high-tech test facility for current and future emissions standards...
  • February 2012
    D2T testing centers, MORPHEE 2012: upgrade your system, full tests compatibility between two testing centers...
  • MORPHEE 2012
    Upgrade your test bed! 10 good reasons to equip yourself with MORPHEE, Window 7: MORPHEE is ready...